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At Zupps Mt Gravatt Mitsubishi and Peugeot service centre we offer more than just car servicing. We also specialise in car tyres, brakes and batteries for all car makes and models, at a competitive price.

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Tyres and Batteries


One of the key factors in vehicle safety and maintaining a 'smooth ride' is car tyres. 

We supply and fit tyres to all car makes and models. If you are due for some new tyres or are unsure about what tyres are best for you fill in the form below. 

We will contact you within 1 business day with all of the information you need. Or you can call (07) 3243 8883


Tyres and Batteries


When is the last time you had your battery tested?

Stop in today and we can test your battery free of charge. If your car is in need of a battery we can also supply and fit at a competitive price. 

Avoid any unwanted breakdowns and get your battery tested today. Contact us on (07) 3243 8883 or fill in the form below.

Brakes and Service


Are your brakes making that horrible sound? 

Brakes is one of our specialties and we don't just supply and fit to Mitsubishi, we have access and the facilities to cater for all car makes and models. 

Fill in the form below or contact us today on (07) 3243 8883 for a price. 

Brakes and Service


Car servicing is one of those expenses that we all love to hate. But the good news we do everything we can to make your car servicing affordable and convenient. 

With a waiting room, courtesy bus and loan car services available. You can request a service for any car make online now. 

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We spoke with Kevin Byrnes, Fixed Operations Manager at Zupps Mt Gravatt Mitsubishi & Peugeot about all things tyres.

Why is tyre safety important?

Your tyres are what are the closest point of contact to the road. The size of this contact is about the size of the palm on your hand. So with that limited amount of actual tyre touching the ground, you want to have the best tyre possible for driving safety.

It’s important to inspect your tyres regularly for any wear, tear and damage to avoid any sudden problems.

It’s hard to know whether your tyres are chipped, cracked or something that will start wearing tyres. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your tyres every year.

Tyre safety also saves you money. Under inflated tyres can actually cost you money with increased rolling resistance causing you to use excess fuel. Under of over inflated tyres also accelerate wear and tear.

By checking all of this, you’ll be optimising your savings.

What needs to be checked with tyres?

In between car servicing and maintenance, the main areas to look at include tyre pressure, tread and there are no obvious markings which might lead to an unexpected tyre explosion. At high speeds, the risk increases. 

What is the AHG Best Price Guarantee?

AHG have contact with numerous tyre suppliers, with access to many brands, sizes, fitment, OEM and non OEM style of tyre to get the best possible price. We work hard on being competitive with our pricing. 

Checking Tyre Wear