Car Finance

At Zupps Mt Gravatt Mitsubishi we have a team of dedicated Automotive Finance Specialists available 6 days a week to assist with all your vehicle finance needs. They can arrange a finance and insurance package tailored to suit your budget, with loan terms up to 7 years.

Financing through our dealership provides the following benefits:

·         Highly competitive car loan packages. We only arrange loans for motor vehicles, so we can secure the best package for your vehicle financing requirements.

·         Flexible Payment Plans. Do you get paid sporadically? Are you going on Paternity Leave soon? Do you have other circumstances that require a loan outside of the ‘usual’ terms? Speak to us about a Structured Loan.

·         A range of Loan Types to suit your requirements. We offer loan products to suit both consumer and business clients (including Consumer Loans, Novated Leases, Chattel Mortgages, Hire Purchase and Financial Leasing)

·         Fast approvals. We aim to have your finance approved within 24 hours of application (subject to standard lending criteria).

·         Convenience. Our team are available from early to late, 6 days a week – and we can even come to you.

·         Fully Accredited Automotive Finance Specialists. Let our team of experts answer all your questions and assist you to find the finance package that best suits your budget and lending requirements.

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